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If you have an account please login first to be able to manage licenses, secure store and configure desktop's settings and create and edit screenshots. If you do not have an account please register. It's easy and does not require much time.

Download Free Server Version

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Version is fully working, does not require any registration keys and can be used for non-comercial purposes. For extra features and for comercial usage it is necessary to purchase a license.

Commercial License

Commercial license intended to use OnlineVNC in business and(or) for any type of home usage. Additionally license unlocks all the features that are not available in the free version. The cost of a license just 79.00 USD per server with one year free updates and support.

After the license has expired, you can continue use OnlineVNC in business or at home with basic functions but additional features will be disabled. License can be renewed at any time with 10% discount. Please see this page for more details about licensing.

Quick diagram of the Remote Desktop controls

What is OnlineVNC?

OnlineVNC is a modern and effective tool for managing and control PC remotely. In contrast to other similar solutions OnlineVNC uses a standard Web-browser as a client. The unique technology of OnlineVNC allows you to work at maximum speed without feeling the difference compared to Offline solutions.

OnlineVNC an easy and friendly solution for everyday life. When you want to share screenshots or ask your friends to help you remotely, just send them a web link, clicking on which they immediately see your desktop without installing additional software. It's very cool.

OnlineVNC is a robust tool for the system administrator. Once you have installed and configured OnlineVNC Server you can access your computer or file's folders (based on FTP file transfer engine) even when no user is logged in to the system or the computer is locked. Remote access is possible from any of the operating systems - Windows, Linux, MacOSX.

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