OnlineVNC - Free Remote Desktop Sharing for Windows 8, 7, Vista

Integration into the third-party web site

Are you sell software or services through the Web site and want to show your users the benefits of your product before they can download a demo version? Or do you want to help your customer to solve problem with your products without leaving your corporate Web site?
OnlineVNC solution is perfectly suited for this!

OnlineVNC solution lets you provide access to a dedicated for 32 bit or 64 bit server within your company from your corporate Web site directly. Instead of downloading a demo version, your customer may click on the link to access the operating system with a completely configured product. If a user has a problem with your product you can give him a chance to show it in practice staying in Windows, MacOSX or Linux. All this is possible without leaving your Web site that gives you the most loyal customer.

The solution can be integrated on a payment basis or free of charge. If you decide to use the free integration you need to make a hard link to our website:
<a href="">Powered by OnlineVNC</a>

To start integrate OnlineVNC viewer immediately to the your environment, please, download this free SDK package:QnlineVNC_SDK_3.0.ZIP

If you are interested in this solution and wish to know more details please contact us.