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Administering OnlineVNC Server Remotely with OnlineVNC Control Panel

OnlineVNC Control Panel convenient tool for managing your OnlineVNC Server. By default, the control panel is connected to the server on the same computer that is running. However, often required to change the basic settings of the server remotely without having physical access to the target computer. For these purposes, OnlineVNC Control Panel has a feature that allows you to connect to OnlineVNC Server from any computer remotely. For connecting you need to know the IP address or host name of the remote server and master password.

To Connect:

Start OnlineVNC Control Panel. In the tree view on the left select the item - Remote Machines and right-click on this point. In the drop down menu select - Administrate Remote Server. Administrate Remote Server Screenshot
In the appeared dialogue, enter the IP address of the OnlineVNC Server and the master password. Then click Ok. Enter IP address and master password Screenshot
When done correctly, the remote server will be available in the tree view on the left under Remote Machines item. Select the newly connected server or any other nested item for the settings to become available in tabs of the Ribbon UI ToolBar. Remote OnlineVNC Server Screenshot

Please note that in order to connect to OnlineVNC Server this way the port number is different from the port number you used to connect the normal VNC viewers. By default 5959 port number is used. Value of the port of the OnlineVNC Control Panel is stored in the Windows registry on the path - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OnlineVNC\OnlineVNC Server\controlPanelPort.