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Configuring FTP-based File Transfer

OnlineVNC has a built-in FTP server to provide a mechanism for transferring files from one computer to another. To access OnlineVNC FTP server uses user's accounts that are used to access the remote desktop. If you have no user's accounts added to OnlineVNC you can use master password to get access via FTP. As a user name empty string should be passed to the auth mechanism. Some FTP client has a problem with empty string as a user name. Instead of empty string you can use "onlinevnc_master_ftp" for master access. For masster access "C:/Documents and Settings" folder will be applyed as root. To provide work properly of FTP server it is necessary to open an additional port (in addition to the port that is used to access a remote desktop). The default port number is 21. It can be changed to any other in OnlineVNC Control Panel on the Settings Tab. To prevent problems with the blocking of connections with built-in Windows Firewall and for proper operation of the system as a whole, we strongly recommend adding OnlineVNCService.exe process to the list of allowed programs for Windows Filewall.

To configure File Transfer you need:

Open Windows Filewall settings and add "C:\Program Files\OnlineVNC\OnlineVNC Server\OnlineVNCService.exe" process to list of allowed programs to communicate through Windows Firewall. See screenshot: Programs to communicate through Windows Firewall
Make sure that File Transmission mechanism is Enabled in OnlineVNC Control Panel. To do this, open OnlineVNC Control Panel and click the Settings tab. File Transfer checkbox is in the Server group as shown in the figure. By default mechanism is enabled. Enabling File Transmission mechanism Screenshot
Then open the Users item in the left of Control Panel. In the row of any user found "Shared Folder" column. Click on the button with "three dots" inside the cell. In the opened Folder Selection Dialog select folder in your file system. For example - "C:\Users\Public\". This folder will be used as the root for the current user. Please note that if a folder is not specified, it is assumed that the FTP server is not configured for the user and for it FTP access will be denied. Click Choose button. Select FTP Folder as a root Screenshot
Start OnlineVNC Viewer. See screenshot. Start OnlineVNC Viewer Screenshot
Wait until the system is fully loaded and you will see your Remote Desktop. Click an icon which shows the folder in the right panel - see screenshot. You will see embedded in the current browser FTP client connected to the OnlineVNC FTP server. You may continue to work. If the File Transfer button (with the folder icon) does not appeared this means that the setting for the FTP session, for the user does not implemented correctly. Either turned off File Transfer mechanism check box or is not set the root folder for the user. If the File Transfer Button is available but in the appeared window you do not see your shared files then try to disable Windows Firewall and try again. OnlineVNC FTP Root folder Screenshot