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OnlineVNC GEO Location Engine

OnlineVNC solution has a built-in GEO Location engine that allows you to determine the location of the server and VNC viewers what are connected to it. This functionality is especially in demand with the release of Windows 8, which can be installed on the Microsoft's Surface (tablet PC) and/or light laptops that are portable. This unique possibility of OnlineVNC solution makes administration of the remote desktop more comfortable and even easier.

On the server side module is built into OnlineVNC's Windows service. On startup the service activates and it is attempting to determine the GEO location of the current desktop. Once the latitude and longitude values are obtained, it becomes possible to visually see the location point on the built-in interactive map inside OnlineVNC Control Panel.

To get interactive map working you have to install Adobe Flash Player for Firefox (NPAPI based plugin) on server. To do that please click this link: Download Adobe Flash Player for Firefox

VNC Server Screenshot
Data about latitude and longitude of the server are sending to OnlineVNC viewer at the time of connection. On the side of the VNC viewer, a position of the GEO location point of the server is showing in a special window on the interactive map (such-as on the server side). GEO Location gearof the VNC viewer being implemented by means of the web browser on which the OnlineVNC viewer works. For these purposes 5th generation browser with HTML5 and GEO location support is required. At the moment GEO Location and HTML5 support the following browsers - Microsoft Explorer 9, Chrome, Mozilla and Apple Safari. VNC Viewer Screenshot
If the browser with HTML5 support determined the position of VNC viewer, the data is transmitted to the server and are available for view on the tab of the connected clients in OnlineVNC Control Panel. See the screenshot. GEO Location on VNC Server
To activate the geolocation mechanism just turn on the switch in OnlineVNC Control Panel, as shown in the figure. To do this, run OnlineVNC Control Panel. Select the local computer in the tree on the left. Open the tab Settings. The geolocation switch is in the group - Server. By default, this feature is disabled. Mechanism starts GEO location working on the VNC server and VNC viewer simultaneously. GEO Location Switch
Please note. At the time of the first run, OnlineVNC viewer will give the question, if the user agrees to inform its location to the VNC server. If you agree, please answer in the affirmative. If you will say no, the position of the VNC viewer will never be sent to the server. See screenshot.  

Pay attention, that OnlineVNC not support the geo location for third-party VNC viewers - such as TightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC and other compatible with VNC protocol programs.