OnlineVNC - Free Remote Desktop Sharing for Windows 8, 7, Vista

Screenshots Sharing

OnlineVNC web-interface has a unique and convenient engine for creating and publishing screenshots of remote desktop. The feature perfect for creating manuals, instructions, saving application settings and other situations where needed to create and save a screenshot of the desktop quickly. The entire operation of screenshot creating and its publication is composed of single click on "Make screenshot" button at upper left of the remote desktop client control panel. See figures bellow and a sample of the screenshots gallery that availabe by this link.

Login to the site and connect to the remote desktop through the slot. Connect to remote desktop
Click on "Make screenshot" button as shown in figure. Once the button is pressed screenshot's widget will appearing below the client remote desktop area. Screenshot's widget
After about one second screenshot will be created and published on the widget. All screenshots are grouped by gallery. If there are no galleries then the default "Gallery 1" will be created. The newly created screenshots added to the currently active gallery. To rename or create a new gallery, click "Add Gallery" button at bottom of the galleries list. Screenshots are grouped by gallery
It is possible to add screenshots to the gallery, delete them, change their order inside gallery, move between galleries. After the screenshots gallery will be created and populated, you can make it available to your friends or colleagues. For these purposes set "public acess" checkbox as shown in the figure. The gallery name near checkbox "public access" will become a hyper link. This link can be shared with your colleagues or friends. Click this link to open the gallery in a new window. Please note: The gallery with public access available for viewing only. To prevent access uncheck the "public access" checkbox or delete it. Public access checkbox
Once the connection to the remote desktop will be closed, screenshots can also be edited on the "Screenshots" tab near the connection settings inside the slot. Click on the icon "Edit screenshots" that appears when you hover over the slot (if the slot is configured). Of course all the editing functions are available that are provided in the mode of connecting to the remote desktop. Edit screenshots tab